§ 52.21 Trees, Shrubs, Flowers and Other.
The Placing of solar lights, boxes, shells, toys, metal designs, ornaments, chairs, glass cases, wood cases, balloons, banners, Christmas trees, upright and free standing floral arrangements except at the time of interment shall not be permitted and if so placed the Town reserves the right to remove and dispose of such articles. Memoriam can be placed on the tombstone or in approved containers. Approved containers shall mean vases made of all-weather material, concrete or marble.

All spring and summer flowers must be removed by October 1 and all fall and winter flowers must be removed by March 1. Holiday decorations and flowers are permitted on a temporary basis only and may be placed no sooner than seven (7) days prior to a state or national holiday and must be removed within ten (10) days of the expiration of the holiday.

The Town reserves the right to remove at any time any tree, shrub, flower or plant growing on any lot in the Town cemeteries when, in opinion of the Street Department Supervisor, the tree, shrub, flower or plant, or its roots, branches or any part thereof, is injurious or detrimental to any adjacent lot, grave, road, alley or walkway or renders access to any lot inconvenient.('81 Code, §6-18)

No person may plant, cut, break, prune or remove any tree, shrub, flower, grass or other plant of any kind located in the Town cemeteries.

The Town Clerk, Street Department Supervisor or their designee may remove from the cemetery all floral designs, flowers, weeds, or plants of any kind from the cemetery as soon as they deteriorate or otherwise become unsightly.
('81 Code, §6-21) Penalty, see §10.99 (Ordinance passes 6-18-19)

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