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Utility Disconnection Policy

Application for Backdoor Garbage Collection

Curbside Garbage & Recycling Ordinance

Josh Bennett, Director of Public Works             919-728-7013

Utility Billing Inquires                                      919-494-2520


Utility meters are read on the 15th of each month; bills are mailed on the 20th of each month and are due by the 9th of the following month.  A $10.00 late fee charge is added to bills not paid on or before 5:30 p.m. the 9th of the month.  Bills not paid before 5:30 pm on the 14th of the month will have service disconnected AND a $50.00 reconnection fee is added.  Once the service is disconnected, the entire account balance must be paid, including late and reconnection fees before water service is turned back on.   While the service is off for non-payment, it may NOT be cut on until a town employee comes to get a reading and cuts the water on.   If the meter shows that water has been on during the time service should be off, tampering has occurred and an additional $50.00 tampering fee will be added to the outstanding bill.

In-town residents receive the following services:

         Water & Sewer

         Weekly Back Door Collection of Bagged Household Garbage (Wednesday-container provided)

         Yard Waste Collection Twice Monthly

         White Goods Collection (last Friday each Month by Appointment Only)

Email request for pick up should include your address, type of appliance and a contact number.

 Schedules of Fees

$30.00 Monthly Availability Fee plus $15.54 for each 1000 gallons.
$16.50 for each 1000 gallons.
bulletSanitation & Recycling
$18.00 Residential
bulletYard Waste
No charge for First Load, $25.00 per additional Load.

White Goods

No Charge

The charge for an in-town utility bill with 1000 gallons of consumption will cost $80.04.

 Out of Town residents receive the following services:

Water & Sewer (sewer dependent upon availability)

$30.00 Monthly Availability Fee plus $15.54 for each 1000 gallons.
$16.50 for each 1000 gallons.

The charge for an out-of-town utility bill with 1000 gallons consumption of water only will cost $45.54.

The charge for an out-of-town utility bill with 1000 gallons consumption of water & sewer will cost $62.04.


Deposits are required on all new utility accounts

Property Owners  $70.00                Rental Customers  $150.00 (includes rental & real estate agents)

All deposits include a $50 non-refundable administrative fee.

Application for Service

Utility Accounts May Be Established at Town Hall

Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 5:30pm

Tapping & Capacity Fees


" Water Taps $1000.00


4" Sewer Taps  $1000.00

Larger taps are subject to additional charges.

Residential Capacity Fees


Water $ 350.00 per bedroom


Sewer $ 350.00 per bedroom

Commercial Capacity Fees are based on business use and square footage.

All Capacity Fees Must be Paid Before a Certificate of Occupancy Will be Issued from the Zoning Department.

Important Information Regarding Fats, Oils & Grease
Date Last Updated:  08/22/2014